Rufus Goes to Sea

By Kim T. Griswell (Author), Valeri Gorbachev (Illustrator)


Format Hardcover Picture Book


Rufus Goes to Sea

by Kim T. Griswell, Valeri Gorbachev



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Ahoy—Pirate Pig on board! What does a book-loving pig like Rufus do when school's out for summer? He turns to his favorite stories for inspiration, of course! And before long, he's dreaming of days filled with adventure and nights under blankets of stars. It's the pirate life for him, matey. But Captain Wibblyshins says NO PIGS ON PIRATE SHIPS! After all, pigs get tangled in the rat lines, they picnic in the crow's nest, and worst of all, they even wipe their chins with the Jolly Roger. Can Rufus convince the Captain that he's no landlubber swine? And could his ticket to piratehood be . . . reading?
 Kids will love seeing Rufus conquer new worlds in this delightful follow-up to the popular Rufus Goes to School.
“The spirited sequel to Rufus Goes to School (2013) shows just how far a piglet with persistence can go. School is out for the summer, and Rufus Leroy Williams III is at loose ends until his favorite book, The Pirates, gives him a solution: he will join a pirate crew! The Ahab-like Captain Wibblyshins has a clutch of reasons pigs can’t be pirates (they play on the poop deck and scribble on the treasure maps), but Rufus keeps coming back with new gear—an eye patch, a pirate hat, a potato peeler—to show his pirate potential. When the captain finally learns that Rufus can read the treasure map that he has been puzzling over, Rufus becomes “a readin’ pirate” and leads the crew to buried treasure. The watercolor-and-ink illustrations wonderfully convey this whimsical world and are filled with comic details. A tale of perseverance, and a marvelous paean to the joy and power of reading.” —Booklist
“The adorable pig from Rufus Goes to School (2013, Sterling) is back. It’s summer vacation, and Rufus wants nothing more than to be a pirate over the break. Unfortunately, much like the principal at Rufus’s school, the pirate captain must be taught to overlook preconceived notions of what having a pig in his midst entails. After being denied cleaning and cooking positions, Rufus hits on what the pirate ship truly needs: a literate pirate. What a coincidence! The little pig with a pirate book in his backpack is a perfect fit. Rufus helps the pirates read their treasure map, teaches them their letters, and helps them enjoy their ultimate treasure: a chest of books. The story and artwork are wonderfully matched. The writing is simple and repetitive enough to appeal to the preschool crowd while still including pirate speak and pirate terms for lower elementary readers. The ink and watercolor illustrations are warm and friendly (no scary pirates here) yet also include some clever prediction-making clues. VERDICT A good choice for reading with groups or for one-on-one sharing.” —School Library Journal

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“. . . this is a pure porcine pleasure.” —Booklist

" charming it could be enjoyed at any time of year . . . Griswell's storytelling has just the right amount of repetition  . . .  And Gorbachev's pen, ink and watercolor pictures are timelessly appealing . . . it brings to mind Garth Williams, David McPhail and Maurice Sendak." —New York Times online


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Kim T. Griswell is a developmental editor for Uncle John's Bathroom Readers and the former coordinating editor of Highlights for Kids. She continues to help develop and teach writers' workshops with the Highlights Foundation; has taught with the Institute for Children's Literature; and has published more than 200 short stories, articles, and columns. Her children's book, Carnivorous Plants, was published by Kidhaven Press, and she also wrote Rufus Goes to School (Sterling). Kim lives in Ashland, OR. Learn more about her at her website,
Valeri Gorbachev emigrated from his native Ukraine to the US in 1991, and now lives in Brooklyn, NY. He has written and/or illustrated more than 50 children's books, including the first Rufus story, Rufus Goes to School (Sterling), as well as Turtle's Penguin Day and The Giant Hug by Sandra Horning (both Knopf).

Pub Date: 4/7/2015

ISBN: 9781454910527

Price: $14.95 / $16.95 CAN

Format: Hardcover Picture Book

Pages: 32 pages, all in color

Trim: 10 x 10 Inches

Territories: World

Category: Juvenile / Picture Books

Age Range: 3 to 6

Publisher: Sterling Children's Books