The Natural Supplement for Better Sleep

By Locke Hughes (Author)


Format Hardcover



The Natural Supplement for Better Sleep

by Locke Hughes



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Sleep is one of the most important factors in good health—and this guide to melatonin gives you an all-natural way to get that much-needed rest.  
With our hectic everyday schedules, increasing anxiety, and addiction to disruptive phone and computer screens, getting the necessary shuteye can be a challenge. And when we don’t, we suffer the consequences, from weight gain to grumpiness. For the many people seeking a simple, natural sleep aid, melatonin has come to the rescue. Melatonin takes a deep dive into the workings of this essential hormone, which regulates sleep and the body’s circadian rhythm. Learn about its effects on the body, how to harness its benefits, and how to take supplements safely. Twenty recipes for snacks and elixirs containing foods that encourage the body to produce melatonin, along with a section featuring 30 ideas for calming bedtime rituals and routines, offer the guidance you’ll need to finally catch some zzz’s.

Locke Hughes is a freelance journalist and health coach with nearly ten years of experience who contributes to HuffPost, NBC News, O, The OprahMagazineShape, Women's Health, Thrive Global, and many other publications. She has worked on staff as a writer and editor for Woman’s Day, Shape, Greatist, and WebMD. Originally from Florida, she lived in New York City for six years and is currently based in Park City, UT.

Pub Date: 11/5/2019

ISBN: 9781454937661

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