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D-Day: The Longest Day

6 June 1944

By Will Fowler (Author)


Format Hardcover, Jacketed


D-Day: The Longest Day

6 June 1944

by Will Fowler



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To commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day, this dramatic visual history explores every area of operation with firsthand accounts, timelines, and maps.
With the aid of specially commissioned maps, D-Day: The Longest Day describes the first 24 hours of the Normandy landings and all the events that occurred in each landing zone. Beginning with an overview of the immense preparations for this historic event, it looks at the airborne and glider landings that preceded the main assault, and each of the individual beach landings, from west to east. From the slaughter of US troops at Omaha Beach, to the chaotic scattering of airborne forces throughout the French countryside, to the logistical nightmare of consolidating each bridgehead, this in-depth volume brings the turning point of World War II to vivid life.

Will Fowler has worked in journalism and publishing, specializing in military history. He was Army editor of the British forces magazine Defence from 1983–90 and has written more than 15 books, including Eastern Front: The Unpublished Photographs, Barbarossa: The First 7 Days, and Stalingrad: The Vital 7 Days. He served with the 7th Armoured Brigade in the Gulf War (1990–91). He lives in Hampshire, England.

Pub Date: 4/2/2019

ISBN: 9781782747550

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Format: Hardcover, Jacketed

Pages: 192 pages, 120 color & b-w photos

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