300 Small Animals

By Claudia Martin (Author)


Format Flexibound



300 Small Animals

by Claudia Martin



Barnes and Noble Indiebound
Which pet should be yours? This mini encyclopedia introduces 300 animals from around the world, offering a wealth of fascinating information on their background, breeding, and natural habitat.
Airedale terrier or Angora bunny? Python or parakeet? Tortoise or thoroughbred horse? Pets features a huge range of animals, from familiar and beloved cats and dogs to exotic tropical fish, toucans, and terrapins. With a page devoted to each one, including an outstanding color illustration and specification boxes with details on the origins, appearance, size, diet, and lifespan of each creature, this easy-to-use pocket reference is just right for anyone interested in domesticated animals.

Claudia Martin is a travel writer who has contributed to many guidebooks and magazines. She is also the author of books on history, geography, and culture for adults and young people.

Pub Date: 2/4/2020

ISBN: 9781782749417

Price: $14.95 / $19.95 CAN

Format: Flexibound

Pages: 320 pages, 300 color photos

Trim: 4.938 x 6.625 Inches

Territories: US/Can

Category: Science & Nature / Pets

Publisher: Amber Books

Series: Mini Encyclopedia