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Animal Facts & Jokes

By John Townsend (Author), David Antram (Illustrator)


Format Paperback


Animal Facts & Jokes

by John Townsend, David Antram



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With this hilarious mix of facts and fun, kids will laugh as they learn!
What do you call an elephant that never washes?
A smellyphant.
Did you know that many creatures make piles of poop their home? Or that a bear’s sense of smell is so sharp it can detect animal carcasses upwind from 20 miles away? This smart, entertaining book combines plenty of cool information with gut-busting gags—it’s totally gross and awesome! Children will love sharing these riddles, quips, and bite-sized factoids with their friends!

John Townsend worked as a teacher before becoming a full-time writer of children’s books. He specializes in fun, exciting information books for reluctant readers, as well as fast-paced fiction and “fiction with facts” books.

David Antram studied at Eastbourne College of Art in the UK and then worked in advertising for 15 years before becoming a full-time illustrator. He has since illustrated well over 100 titles, mainly for children and young adults.

Pub Date: 5/1/2018

ISBN: 9781912233625

Price: $6.95 / $9.50 CAN

Format: Paperback

Pages: 128 pages, b-w illus. throughout

Trim: 5 x 7.75 Inches

Territories: US/Can

Category: Juvenile / Unusual Facts

Age Range: 7 and up

Publisher: Salariya

Series: Totally Gross & Awesome