The Big Book of Giant Animals, The Little Book of Tiny Animals

By Cristina Banfi (Text), Cristina Peraboni (Text), Francesca Cosanti (Illustrator)


Format Hardcover


The Big Book of Giant Animals, The Little Book of Tiny Animals

by Cristina Banfi, Cristina Peraboni, Francesca Cosanti



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Get two books in one—a big volume for large animals and a teeny-tiny one for the smallest!
The biggest and the littlest creatures of the animal kingdom meet in this unique combination of two books! The tiny book fits snugly into the cover of the larger one, and features the butterfly bat, hummingbird, Etruscan Shrew, desert hamster, and other diminutive animals. Nature’s giants have squeezed onto the pages of the oversized volume, including an elephant, giraffe, polar bear, blue whale, and colossal squid. A red flower on each spread provides perspective on the actual size of each animal. Come and meet them all!

Francesca Cosanti is the illustrator of White Star’s Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. She teaches illustration, graphic design, and multimedia software in various schools.

Pub Date: 11/6/2018

ISBN: 9788854412736

Price: $19.95 / $26.95 CAN

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 80 pages, all in color

Trim: 11.312 x 15 Inches

Territories: US Only

Category: Juvenile / Nature

Age Range: 4 and up

Publisher: White Star Publishers