The Spirit of Whiskey

History, Anecdotes, Trends and Cocktails

By Davide Terziotti (Text), Claudio Riva (Text), Fabio Petroni (Photographer)


Format Hardcover


The Spirit of Whiskey

History, Anecdotes, Trends and Cocktails

by Davide Terziotti, Claudio Riva, Fabio Petroni



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Whiskey lovers can learn all about their favorite spirit with this guide to its history, distilling, regional variations, and unique characteristics.

What makes American whiskey different from Canadian, Irish, or Scotch whiskey? What is the meaning of “single malt,” “blended,” and “single grain?” Go around the world with 40 of today's best whiskeys—from Ben Riach Curiositas 10 to Widow Jane Straight Bourbon, Masterson’s, and Chichibu’s Floor Malted—exploring their characteristics, aromas, and particularities. Japanese varieties, too often ignored, receive special attention; with their soft taste, limited production, and attention to detail, they are now internationally recognized for their excellence. Learn how the beverage is mashed, fermented, distilled, matured, and bottled, and the rules of serving and tasting. Finally, enjoy recipes for delicious cocktails, both classic and new. Splendid photographs by Fabio Petroni, master of still lifes, appear throughout.

Davide Terziotti is an expert on whiskey and spirits. Since 2009 he has edited the blog Angel’s Share—The Roots, the People, and the Spirit of Distillates. In 2014, he cofounded the Whisky Club, which spreads the culture of high-quality spirits through events, courses, festivals, and publishing.

Claudio Riva is the cofounder of Whisky Club Italia. He has translated several books on whiskey into Italian, and has a keen interest in American micro-distilleries. 

Photographer Fabio Petroni has worked with the most talented professionals in the industry. He specializes in portraits and still lifes, and has participated in prestigious campaigns for major advertising agencies.

Pub Date: 6/2/2020

ISBN: 9788854413719

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Format: Hardcover

Pages: 144 pages, all in color

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Category: Culinary / Cocktails & Spirits

Publisher: White Star Publishers

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