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Montessori Lab at Home

A Practical Guide to the Montessori Teaching Method

By Chiara Piroddi (Text)


Format Paperback


Montessori Lab at Home

A Practical Guide to the Montessori Teaching Method

by Chiara Piroddi



Barnes and Noble Indiebound
With this practical guide pointing the way, parents can learn how to use the world-famous Montessori Method to develop their child’s confidence, autonomy, and full creative potential.
Educating a child is challenging and complex. What are the best methods and most appropriate materials for promoting a young person’s development? Maria Montessori believed education was invaluable in constructing a better, more peaceful society, so she created a pedagogy designed to open up children’s unlimited cognitive and emotional potential and forge a relationship of trust, respect, and unconditional love. This practical guide makes Montessori’s methods accessible to anyone, providing concrete examples, suggestions, and strategies to use at home as part of a daily routine. It gives parents the resources to recognize windows of opportunity for learning and foster good behavior during shared play, choose recreational activities, and prepare an environment that suits their children's needs.
Activities include:
  • Creating Montessorian games and toys
  • Learning numbers creativity through drawing, cutting, and pasting
  • Learning science through a home garden
  • Creating shapes with modeling clay
  • Distributing pasta into different containers to grasp selection and classification
  • Making potato stamps
  • Mastering everyday life actions, like brushing teeth and loading laundry, to develop their fine motor skills and understand sequential actions

Chiara Piroddi is a psychologist and expert in Neuropsychology, specializing in Cognitive-Evolutionary Psychotherapy. She is an author and coauthor of several scientific publications on Neuropsychology. She lives between Barcelona and Milan, where she works as a psychotherapist.

Pub Date: 6/2/2020

ISBN: 9788854413825

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