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My Years Infiltrating the Mob

Bob Delaney, NBA Referee, with Dave Scheiber, foreword by Bill Walton [1402754434]

Publisher: Union Square Press
Published: February 2008
288 pages
ISBN: 1-4027-5443-4
ISBN13: 9781402754432
$19.95 US
$19.95 Canadian
Hardcover with Jacket
16-pg b/w insert
6 X 9
Carton Quantity: 12
Territory: World

Featured on NPR and CNN

In a riveting page-turner, NBA referee Bob Delaney reveals the clandestine life he led before becoming one of professional basketball’s most respected referees.
In 1975, Delaney had spent only a year and a half as a New Jersey State Trooper when his superiors approached him with a tantalizing yet dangerous undercover assignment: to infiltrate the Mob. Delaney accepted, and became Bobby Covert, the president of Alamo Trucking, a fully-operational business used by law enforcement as flypaper for snagging crooks. 

At the height of The Godfather era, Delaney wore a wire and lived among wiseguys who modeled themselves on their on-screen counterparts, quoting lines from “The Movie” and boasting of how often they’d seen it. Delaney even crossed paths with Joe Pistone, the real-life Donnie Brasco (though neither knew the other was undercover), knowing all the while that a single slip could get him killed.
Ultimately gathering enough evidence to convict 30 members of the Bruno and Genovese crime families, Project Alpha was a success, but Delaney struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder and traces of Stockholm syndrome after getting too close to those he investigated. Therapy helped him come to terms with all he’d endured during his three tense years undercover, and, once a college basketball star, Delaney began officiating high school and intramural games as a way to rebuild his life—eventually working his way up to the NBA, where he has been a referee for more than two decades.

BOB DELANEY has been an NBA referee for the past twenty years. In 2003, he was honored with the Gold Whistle Award from the National Association of Sports Officials, in recognition of outstanding community contributions, and a distinguished career marked by high integrity and ethics.    
DAVE SCHEIBER is a nationally recognized and award-winning sports and news features writer at the St. Petersburg Times whose work has appeared in numerous publications.

“Delaney’s story. . . becomes more than intense than overtime in the playoffs.”—Boston Globe

“Delaney’s heroic performance during his perilous assignment represents the finest traditions of the New Jersey State Police. My father, the first superintendent of the New Jersey State Police Department, would have been proud of him.”—General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, U.S. Army (ret.)

“[F]ascinating...a must-read...Delaney’s achievements...were significant precursors to the Feds’ massive 1980s assault on La Cosa Nostra.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)


"A slam dunk, a bull’s eye and any other glowing mafia or basketball metaphor you can think of.”--Kirkus
"Gripping...Fans of such undercover-themed books as Donnie Brasco, or organized-crime exposés like The Valachi Papers, will devour this one.”--Booklist