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Hand Made, Hand Played

The Art & Craft of Contemporary Guitars

Robert Shaw [1579907873]

Publisher: Lark
Published: October 2008
416 pages
ISBN: 1-57990-787-3
ISBN13: 9781579907877
$35.95 US
$46.95 Canadian
Paperback with Flaps
all in color
8 1/2 X 11
Carton Quantity: 10
Territory: World

Feast your eyes on more than 300 of today’s most creative, imaginative, and gorgeous hand-made guitars—all illustrated in full color and featuring information about the innovative artisans who created them.
Meet guitar-making legends, such as C.F. Martin, Les Paul, and Leo Fender, who revolutionized the instrument’s design. Discover why the past 25 years have seen an explosion of craftspeople who build guitars by hand, employing an attention to detail factories can’t afford and using higher quality materials and more technical skill than in any previous era. Explore the various guitar styles used in a range of musical traditions, from blues to classical. Detailed information about each guitar’s specifications, plus personal statements and anecdotes from the artisans about their work and techniques complete each entry. Rounding out the book is a Web directory and an index of luthiers.
Players, craftspeople, collectors, and those who are simply fans of this popular instrument will find this volume irresistible!

Robert Shaw is an independent curator and art historian who has written and lectured extensively on American folk arts and contemporary studio crafts. His critically acclaimed books include Great Guitars (Universe, 1998), America's Traditional Crafts (Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, 1993), Classic Guitars (Pomegranate Communications, 2004), The Art Quilt (Beaux Arts Editions, 2004), and American Baskets (Clarkson Potter, 2000). He was curator at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont from 1981-1994, and has curated exhibitions at major museums and expositions in the United States, Europe, and Japan.