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All-Action Classics No. 2: Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain [1402733992]
Series: All-Action Classics
Publisher: Sterling
Published: March 2008
Age range: from 10 to 14
128 pages
ISBN: 1-4027-3399-2
ISBN13: 9781402733994
$7.95 US
$9.95 Canadian
Paperback with Jacket
all in color
5 5/8 X 8 1/2
Carton Quantity: 52
Territory: World

With its lively, fun narrative and irrepressible hero, Tom Sawyer is tailor-made for the graphic novel form. Just imagine such classic moments as Tom and Becky in the bat-filled cave or the hilarious fence-painting incident captured in bright and atmospheric images. Author Tim Mucci and artist Rad Sechrist, one of the most talented up-and-coming comics illustrators today, have endowed each character with personality and each scene with movement and energy. Every frame is filled with such detail—from the buildings to the carefully created backgrounds—that readers will feel as if they could step right into Twain’s wonderful world.

Writer Tim Mucci prefers writing horror stories, but is best known for his work for the Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures graphic novel series.

Artist Rad Sechrist has contributed stories to the Eisner Award-nominated Flight comic anthologies. He is also the creator of several online comics, including Wooden Rivers and Under the Leaves.