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USA TODAY® Baseball Scorebook

Includes 100 Scorecards

Edited by Rob McMahon [9781402762451]

Publisher: Sterling Innovation
Published: May 2009
Age range: 7 upwards
128 pages
ISBN: 1-4027-6245-3
ISBN13: 9781402762451
$12.95 US
$13.95 Canadian
Paperback Concealed Spiral
all in 2-color w/ 16-pg 4-color insert
13 X 8 1/2
Carton Quantity: 16
Territory: World with exclusions*

Take this out to the ball game! From USA TODAY comes a fun, one-stop shop for baseball lovers. Featuring 100 red-and-blue scorecards (more than enough for all the home games) and a section for autographs, it’s essential gear for a day at the ballpark. And there’s more, too, including a lavishly illustrated history of baseball, a long list of record holders, and instructions on how to keep score—including abbreviations.
Filling out scorecards, and saving them as precious souvenirs, has been a long-held tradition. This volume is the perfect way for parents to teach their children about America’s national sport and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Rob McMahon is a publishing veteran who has worked as an editor at Macmillan, Warner Books, Putnam, and HarperCollins. He has written numerous articles for Sports Mirror’s annual publications on golf, football, and basketball, and he is the coauthor of Who Owns the World?, which Hachette Book Group will publish in spring 2009. He currently works as a consultant for an international sports marketing company.