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Uber Origami

Every Origami Project Ever!

Duy Nguyen [9781402771842]

Publisher: Sterling Innovation
Published: March 2010
512 pages
ISBN: 1-4027-7184-3
ISBN13: 9781402771842
$19.95 US
$21.95 Canadian
Paperback with Flaps
all in color
8 X 9
Carton Quantity: 12
Territory: World

This is the top, the cream of the crop, the ultimate origami collection against which all others will be judged! With over 125 projects—from animals to cars, dinosaurs to Elvis—if it can be folded, Über Origami has it.

Gathered from the most popular books by the ingenious origami expert Duy Nguyen, this array of projects will astound any fan of paper art. Some even use junk mail or dollar bills! And everything’s arranged by category so it’s easy to find just what you’re looking for, from the most traditional folds to funky new designs.


Sections include:

Easy Does It (for beginners)  - Animals, Myths & Monsters  -  Man & Machine  -  Irregular Origami  - Holiday Origami

Duy Nguyen has written numerous successful origami books for Sterling. He lives in Everett, Washington.