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Crosswords from the Underground

72 Puzzles From Alternative Newspapers

Ben Tausig [9781402781575]

Publisher: Puzzlewright
Published: March 2012
96 pages
ISBN: 1-4027-8157-1
ISBN13: 9781402781575
$8.95 US
$10.95 Canadian
Paperback Concealed Spiral

8 X 10
Carton Quantity: 46
Territory: World

Solvers who want something fresh, fun, and filled with contemporary themes need look no further! Constructed by puzzle wizard Ben Tausig for his crossword feature published in alternative weeklies such as the Village Voice and the Chicago Reader, these puzzles are perfect for those who know their Ashlee Simpson from their Marge Simpson and want to test their up-to-the-minute knowledge of pop culture. As a special extra, the answers to every puzzle include amusing sidelights and explanations of some of the more difficult answers.

Ben Tausig is a freelance puzzle constructor living in New York City. Tausig creates a weekly feature called "Ink Well" distributed in alternative weeklies across the continent, in addition to editing a puzzle for The Onion A.V. Club. He is also pursuing a PhD in Ethnomusicology.