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Sex & Relationships

Love Karma

Use Your Intuition to Find, Create, and Nurture Love in Your Life

Char Margolis [9781402786631]

Publisher: Sterling Ethos
Published: January 2012
240 pages
ISBN: 1-4027-8663-8
ISBN13: 9781402786631
$22.95 US
$27.95 Canadian
Hardcover with Jacket

6 X 9
Carton Quantity: 20
Territory: World

Internationally renowned psychic medium Char Margolis reveals her intuitive method to finding love and sustaining fulfilling relationships.
Love seekers will find that Char busts the “one soul mate” myth and that loving relationships extend beyond one lifetime. Char explains that we have many soul mates who take different forms in different lives--lover, parent, best friend, even enemy--each teaching different lessons. She shows us how using our intuition, communication skills, and common sense can help us find and deepen intimate our relationships, so we can continue to learn the lessons of love we came to Earth to master.
Exercises, quizzes, and helpful tools for evaluating partners, will guide the reader to better relationships with thought-provoking questions, and easy-to-remember “dos and don'ts.”  Contributions from outside experts like noted astrologer Sandy Anastasi and bestselling numerologist Glynis McCants bring additional insight to our quest for the best partner for this lifetime.

Char Margolis is a world-renowned psychic medium who has appeared on numerous TV shows, including Live with Regis and Kelly, Larry King Live, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Oz.  She continues to do private readings and live events--both here and abroad--and is an active contributor on Infinite Quest.com, John Edward's website.  She divides her time between Los Angeles and Michigan.

"Funny, smart, and awesome advice. Get with the program! This one works! It's all about the 'Karma!'” --Patti Stanger, Host and Executive Producer of Millionaire Matchmaker and Founder of Millionaires Club International
"Love Karma is a combination of common sense with a huge dose of intuition.  Char's keen insight and spiritual experience will guide the reader on a path of discovery toward loving relationships on many levels. --John Edward, bestselling author

“Char gets it right on every level! I have finally found a book I can confidently recommend to my patients who are struggling with the universal issue of how to successfully be in love!" --Dr.  Robi Ludwig, PsyD psychotherapist and award-winning reporter  
"Char is an enormously talented psychic medium whose work is internationally admired and respected.  She skillfully teaches you how to recognize, trust, and develop your own intuitive wisdom. In doing this, you find for yourself the inner pathway to love and happiness." --Brian L. Weiss, MD, bestselling author of Many Lives, Many Masters and Only Love is Real