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Love Virtually

Daniel Glattauer [9781402786747]

Publisher: SilverOak
Published: April 2011
272 pages
ISBN: 1-4027-8674-3
ISBN13: 9781402786747
$12.00 US
$14.00 Canadian

5 X 7
Carton Quantity: 24
Territory: US/Can/Philippines

It's a virtual romance that begins by chance. When Leo mistakenly receives e-mails from a stranger named Emmi, he replies--and Emmi writes back.  Soon, secrets are shared, sparks fly, and erotic tension simmers. Even though Emmi is married, it seems only a matter of time till they meet. But will their feelings survive a real-life encounter?  And, if so-what then? Funny and fast-paced, Love Virtually offers plenty of twists, turns, and satisfaction.

Daniel Glattauer is a journalist and writer who works as a columnist for Der Standard. Three collections of his articles have been published in book form, and Every Seventh Wave, the bestselling sequel to Love Virtually, will be published in 2011.

"One of the cleverest and most magical love-dialogues in modern literature.” -Der Spiegel