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Italian Cooking

Coming Home to Sicily

Seasonal Harvests and Cooking from Case Vecchie

Fabrizia Lanza with Kate Winslow [9781402787836]

Publisher: Sterling Epicure
Published: November 2012
336 pages
ISBN: 1-4027-8783-9
ISBN13: 9781402787836
$30.00 US
$36.00 Canadian
Hardcover with Jacket
all in color
7 3/8 X 9 1/4
Carton Quantity: 14
Territory: WENG

Case Vecchie is the most notable cooking school in Sicily, a place where life is lived and food prepared the same way it has been for centuries. And this delectable cookbook from owner Fabrizia Lanza is the definitive source of authentic seasonal Sicilian foods. Co-authored with former Gourmet magazine editor Kate Winslow, it tells Fabrizia's story of coming home to the family estate, Regaleali, to assist her aging mother with the cooking school that she founded in 1989. Fabrizia writes eloquently and in detail about the seasonal harvests, the foods produced--cheeses, jams, olive oil, vin cotto, estratto, and more--and the loyal and talented staff who make it all possible. Along the way, she offers more than 100 family recipes that she shares with her students. Guy Ambrosino's stunning color photographs bring the beauty of Case Vecchie to life.

Fabrizia Lanza resides at Case Vecchie on her family's estate, Regaleali, in central Sicily. For most of her career, she was an art historian and curator in northern Italy, but six years ago she returned to Sicily to help her mother, Anna Tasca Lanza, run and promote her renowned cooking school. Now that her mother has passed away, Fabrizia continues on with the help of those who have been a part of the estate for decades.
Kate Winslow and her husband Guy Ambrosino recently spent nine months living and working at Case Vecchie. Guy is a professional photographer with more than 15 years' experience. Kate was previously an editor at Gourmet magazine. At Case Vecchie, Kate worked with Fabrizia at the cooking school, collecting recipes for this book, while Guy photographed the harvests and the workers who create all the food products made on the estate. The couple resides in Lambertville, NJ.

“...gorgeously photographed and a pleasure to read.”--Library Journal