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What Sank the World's Biggest Ship?

And Other Questions About the Titanic

Mary Kay Carson, illustrated by Mark Elliott [9781402796272]
Series: Good Question!
Publisher: Sterling Children's Books
Published: April 2012
Age range: 7 upwards
32 pages
ISBN: 1-4027-9627-7
ISBN13: 9781402796272
$12.95 US
$14.95 Canadian
all in color
10 X 8
Carton Quantity: 24
Territory: World

Why was the Titanic so huge? Did all the passengers really eat off gold plates? How could an iceberg just appear out of nowhere? Here are the answers to all these and other “must-know” questions about the building, launch, and tragic sinking of the most famous ship of all time. This trivia-rich look back on that fateful night includes gripping, true information that will entice young readers--even if they don't have to write a book report!

Mary Kay Carson is an award-winning children's nonfiction author. She has written more than 40 books for kids about wildlife, space, weather, nature, and history, including Alexander Graham Bell: Giving Voice to the World, The Underground Railroad for Kids, and The Wright Brothers for Kids. Mary Kay also gives presentations at schools about writing and her books. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. For more information go to: marykaycarson.com.

Mark Elliott has illustrated numerous children's books for HarperCollins, Scholastic, Dial, Knopf, and Holiday House. His work has been exhibited in several shows at the Society of Illustrators, The Art Directors Guild, and has appeared in numerous Spectrum Annuals. Mark lives in Stamford, CT.

"To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, this volume inaugurates a new series that employs a question-and-answer format to convey essential information.
Here, the format works quite well, the questions being the ones that have so fascinated people ever since the tragedy occurred. Why did everyone think the Titanic was unsinkable? How could an iceberg appear out of nowhere? Did the telegraph operator ignore an important message? What happened to the stranded passengers? The answers are written in clear prose full of fascinating details: The ship was 'the largest human-made moving object in the world'; 'The propellers were as wide as houses'; 'Using cheap rivets likely cost 1,500 lives.' Paintings, photographs, maps and a timeline complement the text to offer a fascinating account for young readers who love information. Besides the questions that head each section, there are questions within the answers: Who was at fault? Why was the ship traveling so fast in an ice field? “Why didn't the lookouts have binoculars? The format is irresistible, each answer just long enough to provide essential information...overall this will be a sure hit with young readers. A promising start to a new series." –Kirkus Reviews