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House Beautiful Blue

350 Inspiring Ways to Decorate with Blue

Lisa Cregan [9781588168238]

Publisher: Hearst
Published: April 2011
272 pages
ISBN: 1-58816-823-9
ISBN13: 9781588168238
$19.95 US
$23.95 Canadian
Hardcover with Jacket
all in color
5 X 7
Carton Quantity: 28
Territory: World excl UK

The definitive book on the most popular color in decorating--beautifully wrapped in gorgeous blue fabric.

Filled with hundreds of decorating ideas that professional interior designers have used successfully in their own rooms, House Beautiful Blue explains how to showcase blue throughout a home and how to mix it with other colors and patterns. From wall paints and fabrics, furniture and accessories, the stunning blue palette you'll live with happily for years is right here.

LISA CREGAN is a regular writer for House Beautiful Magazine as well as other publications. She lives outside of CHICAGO.
As a leading authority on home design and decoration, House Beautiful illustrates and illuminates all matters of domestic style. The magazine's warm editorial voice helps readers achieve the highest standard of personal taste. The magazine has a circulation of 845,000 and reaches 6.1 million readers a month.