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Cosmo's Official Cocktail Book

The Sexiest Drinks for Every Occasion

The Editors of Cosmopolitan [9781588168870]

Publisher: Hearst
Published: May 2011
160 pages
ISBN: 1-58816-887-5
ISBN13: 9781588168870
$17.95 US
$21.95 Canadian
Hardcover Concealed Spiral
all in color
5 X 7
Carton Quantity: 20
Territory: World excl UK

Because nothing's hotter than a girl who can whip up a killer drink, here's a bar-full of cocktail recipes served up Cosmo style: colorful, sexy, and luscious. This tasty collection features dozens of the magazine's most delicious and easy-to-make drinks, organized by mood or occasion. Plus, there's a special Cosmo touch that makes this book stand out from any other: enticing “Conversation Starters”-like “Guess why this one's called a Naughty Schoolgirl?”--as well as Cool Facts and Bonus Tips that will turn the reader into an irresistible, seductive mixologist.