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The Squirrel's Birthday and Other Parties

Toon Tellegen and Jessica Ahlberg [9781906250935]

Publisher: Boxer Books
Published: November 2009
Age range: 5 upwards
156 pages
ISBN: 1-906250-93-6
ISBN13: 9781906250935
$19.95 US
$21.95 Canadian
Hardcover with Jacket
all in color
4 7/8 X 6 7/8
Carton Quantity: 52
Territory: US/Can

This charming little book is as delicious as a piece of cake—which just happens to be Squirrel’s favorite food! 
Young readers are invited to Squirrel’s birthday party—and into a magical world of the imagination. Brief, evocative, thought-provoking, and unlike anything else ever written, Toon Tellegen’s extraordinary tales are rich in unforgettable, even surrealistic images. A squirrel and an ant discover a mysterious feast with an invisible host in the depths of a forest. A whale and a seagull dance silently on a moon-drenched beach. A grasshopper pays a fortune for a speck of dust.

Perfectly complemented by Jessica Ahlberg’s delicate illustrations, this collection is intelligent, moving, and funny.


Jessica Ahlberg, daughter of the acclaimed author-illustrator team Janet and Allen Ahlberg, graduated from Winchester School of Art with a degree in fine art. She has since gone on to illustrate several picture books for children. Jessica lives and works in Brighton, on the south coast of England.