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Knit Local

Celebrating America's Homegrown Yarns

Tanis Gray [9781936096183]

Publisher: Sixth&Spring Books
Published: November 2011
176 pages
ISBN: 1-936096-18-8
ISBN13: 9781936096183
$19.95 US
$23.95 Canadian
Paperback with Flaps
all in color
8 1/2 X 9
Carton Quantity: 20
Territory: WENG

Knit Local showcases 30 beautiful fashion, accessory, and home décor projects made with yarns manufactured and sold right here in North America. Expert knitter Tanis Gray stresses the wisdom of preserving local businesses, protecting the environment, and treating livestock humanely while tracing the journey of her yarns “from sheep to skien.” As informative as it is inspiring, this book is above all a stunning fashion source, with gorgeous projects that will leave you feeling good and looking even better.

A graduate of RISD, Tanis Gray lives in Washington, DC. Having worked at Martha Stewart, HBO, Focus Features, in the art department in the film and television industries, and after a 4-year career as the Yarn Editor at Vogue Knitting and co-editor of Knit.1, she has been working in the creative field for many years. Tanis has over 150 published knitting designs, and her work has been featured in many major publications and books. Her website is tanisknits.com.