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Text by Marcello D'Angelo [9788854407176]

Publisher: White Star Publishers
Published: May 2013
504 pages
ISBN: 88-544-0717-8
ISBN13: 9788854407176
$29.95 US
$32.95 Canadian
Hardcover with Jacket
382 color photos
7 7/8 X 7 7/8
Carton Quantity: 4
Territory: US/Can

Take a fantastic voyage through the Universe, into the mysteries of Mars, Venus, and Jupiter; on to black holes and explosions of gamma rays; and farther out to exoplanets light years away. Your ticket to the interstellar world is the incredible images collected through the years by satellites, orbital telescopes, and the Space Station, as well as the knowledge that the most sophisticated modern probes have just begun to provide. From the first experimental launches of the 1950s to the latest pictures of Mars, Space provides a dazzling look at the world beyond.

Journalist Marcello D'Angelo has worked as a correspondent for various news agencies, founded the communications company InMedia, and became head of External Relations for the Italian Space Agency. He later worked for GrParlamento, the RAI channel that reports on the Italian Parliament. His books include: Droga anima e corpo (Dossier Adnkronos), Protagonista il minore (Adnkronos libri), and Il terrorismo internazionale.