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Educational Additions to our Classic Children's Collections

Here are some helpful study questions from our Sterling Biographies, Unabridged Classics, Classic Starts and other titles.

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An Introduction to Flash Kids

Flash Kids is a comprehensive educational series that gives parents tools they trust to help their children learn and activities that children love. From workbooks, to flash cards, and soon mobile apps. Flash Kids has everything you need to supplement your child’s education.

Flash Kids – An Introduction from Sterling Publishing on Vimeo.

Learn more at FlashKids.com



Bob Dylan’s enduring classic comes to life with over 170 animal illustrations & CD with Dylan’s original recording

What do children love to read about? Animals! In Man Gave Names to All the Animals children will discover the furry, snorting, slithering animals of Bob Dylan’s classic song of the same name. Ever since its release on his epochal album Slow Train Coming, this gospel-influenced song with a rhythmic beat has captivated young and old alike for over three decades. Now a new generation can appreciate it as a story in an enchanting book adaptation, brimming with award-winning artist and naturalist Jim Arnosky’s brilliant illustrations that capture the natural world and the irrepressible humor of Dylan’s lyrics.

Whether singing or reading aloud, children will delight in Arnosky’s more-than 170 spectacular creatures including butterflies, gorillas, cheetahs, iguanas, ibexes, walruses and more! A pictorial hide-and-seek on every page, readers can visit www.jimarnosky.com to see if they’ve discovered every wild creature featured in the artist’s panoramic illustrations.

“From the first time I heard it, the lyrics created pictures in my mind of a land of primeval beauty, where the sky and earth were new, where plants first grew, and the animals knew no fear,” said Jim. “I thought this vision would make a dream of a book, and I asked for Bob Dylan’s permission to make this dream come true. Happily, he said yes.”

Dylan’s legion of fans will treasure Man Gave Names to All the Animals and the opportunity to share his music and lyrics with the children in their lives.



The Case of the Terrible T. Rex featured in Publishers Weekly

Michele Torrey, the author of the Doyle and Fossey, Science Detectives series and its most recent entry, The Case of the Terrible T. Rex, was featured in today’s Publishers Weekly Children’s Bookshelf.

She wrote an article about her recent experiences on a dinosaur dig in Montana – the ultimate “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” essay! Click here to read the article.



Teacher's Guide: The Case of the Crooked Carnival

Science super-sleuths Drake Doyle and Nell Fossey are back!

“Move over Encyclopedia Brown, here come Doyle and Fossey, science detectives!” ~ Children’s Literature

“Accessible, understandable, and hilarious science for the youngest problem solvers.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

Join the fifth-grade crime-fighting science detectives on four exciting new whodunits in The Case of the Crooked Carnival: Are ghosts and ghouls keeping Edgar Glum awake? Have aliens invaded Mossy Swamp? What’s the crooked game everyone’s losing at the carnival? And why is the town bridge going bananas?

Best of all for budding crime scene investigators, the real science behind every solution is expertly explained by microbiologist and author Michele Torrey Every young Thomas Edison or Marie Curie-in-the-making will also have a chance to create their own lab and try their hand at actual science experiments with step-by-step instructions at the back of the book.




Discussion Guide For 1+1=5 and other Unlikely Additions

How much is 1+1? Think the answer is 2? Not always, as this playful approach to addition proves! David LaRochelle takes children on a joyful mathematical journey that will engage their minds and teach them to think about numbers in a creative, outside-the-box way.

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Discover The Secrets

of the World’s Most Mysterious Princesses

Uncover these secrets at secretlivesofprincesses.com.

The Wall Street Journal calls The Secret Lives of Princesses “absolutely entrancing!”

Everyone knows about Cinderella, Snow White, and other fairy tale favorites. But there are many princesses who have been so well hidden, most of us never heard of them. All of that is about to change.

The Secret Lives of Princesses by Philippe Lechermeier and Rébecca Dautremer is a treasure trove of incredible behind-the-scenes stories that reveal the lives of the world’s most unusual, eccentric and outrageous princesses.

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