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The Peter Yarrow Songbook: Let's Sing Together!

Illustrated by Terry Widener [9781402759635]

Publisher: Sterling
Published: August 2009
Age range: from 4 to 7
48 pages
ISBN: 1-4027-5963-0
ISBN13: 9781402759635
$16.95 US
$18.95 Canadian
Hardcover & CD
9 3/4 X 9 3/4
Carton Quantity: 18
Territory: World

Sing out! One of America’s most beloved singers continues to bring the joy of folk music to a new generation in this exciting new anthology of sing-along, group, and campfire songs. It’s the third and newest release in the Peter Yarrow Songbook collection, which followed in the wake of the bestselling Puff, the Magic Dragon. The beautiful book features lyrics, guitar chords, and historical notes for 12 classic songs, all illustrated with sparkling art by Terry Widener and accompanied by a CD recorded exclusively for the book by Peter Yarrow.

Together, these songs will brighten up every group event, from summer camp to car trips to rainy days at home with family and friends. 


These are the songs Peter has chosen for you!

1. The Blue Tail Fly  2. This Little Light of Mine  3. Down by the Riverside

4. Hey, Lolly, Lolly  5. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt  6. Oh, You Can’t Get to Heaven  7. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean  8. Home on the Range  9. I’m on My Way

10. We Shall Not Be Moved  11. She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain 

12. Hey, Ho, Nobody Home



Peter Yarrow is a member of the iconic ’60’s folk trio Peter, Paul & Mary. Along with Lenny Lipton, he is the author of the beloved song and now hit book Puff, the Magic Dragon. In addition to extensive touring and performing, Peter is active in Operation Respect, an organization that promotes anti-bullying awareness in schools across the country.


Terry Widener is the illustrator of The Babe and I (Harcourt, 1999) and Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man (Harcourt, 2001), among many other picture books.