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Hello, Texas!

Christopher S. Jennings, illustrated by David Walker [9781402767692]
Series: Hello, America!
Publisher: Sterling
Published: May 2010
Age range: from 2 to 5
22 pages
ISBN: 1-4027-6769-2
ISBN13: 9781402767692
$6.95 US
$8.50 Canadian
Board Book
7 X 7
Carton Quantity: 40
Territory: World

Texas is terrific! Come visit and hear the thundering cattle, watch bottlenose dolphins leap out of Galveston’s waters, and remember the Alamo as loud cannons boom for Texas Independence Day. What fun.

Christopher S. Jennings has had family in Texas since before it was a state. In true Texan style, he grew up playing with horned toads, chasing tumbleweeds, and cheering at the county rodeo. His first picture book was Animal Band (Sterling, 2008), which he presented at the 2008 TX Book Festival. He currently hangs his hat in Austin, where he works as a freelance writer, illustrator, and animator.