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Watch Your Tongue, Cecily Beasley

Lane Fredrickson, illustrated by Jon Davis [9781402770890]

Publisher: Sterling Children's Books
Published: August 2012
Age range: from 4 to 7
32 pages
ISBN: 1-4027-7089-8
ISBN13: 9781402770890
$14.95 US
$17.95 Canadian
Hardcover with Jacket
11 X 10
Carton Quantity: 24
Territory: World

Cecily Beasley is never polite--she won't say thank you, please, or goodnight. She slurps her food, refuses to share, and sticks her tongue out everywhere. But this rude little girl gets her comeuppance in this rambunctious, rhyming picture book that makes its point with irresistible humor.
Every child has heard the words, “Don't make that face. It might freeze that way!” Well, that's exactly what happens to Cecily--and to make things worse, a bird builds a nest on her outstretched tongue! But only when the chicks hatch will Cecily finally learn a lesson she'll never forget. 

Lane Fredrickson is a veteran of the United States Air Force. She holds a degree in psychology and is working toward a degree in English. Cecily Beasley is Lane's first published children's book. She lives in Delray Beach, FL.
Jon Davis's illustration career began in 3D animation, but he felt a stronger pull toward children's books and began working in the field just a few years back. He has several projects planned for release in 2012 and 2013. Jon lives in London.

“In a distinctly Seussian meter, this story tells a cautionary tale of what befalls rude little Cecily when she ignores a friend's warning that a stuck-out tongue might get stuck that way . . . The bouncing rhythm of the text is well matched by Davis' dynamic, detailed watercolor illustrations that add energy and laughs to the lessons. Cecily's final solution to the trouble she has caused is a hand-lettered sign that moves the story's main text into the artwork itself. An easy read-aloud that will result in lots of participation from the audience.” --Booklist