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Olivia's Birds

Saving the Gulf

Olivia Bouler [9781402786655]

Publisher: Sterling
Published: April 2011
Age range: from 3 to 9
32 pages
ISBN: 1-4027-8665-4
ISBN13: 9781402786655
$14.95 US
$15.95 Canadian
Hardcover with Jacket
10 X 8
Carton Quantity: 30
Territory: World

One 11 year-old girl can make a difference-as budding ornithologist and artist Olivia Bouler has proven, single-handedly raising over $175,000 for the Gulf Coast oil spill recovery. Devastated by the disaster and eager to do her part, Olivia wrote a letter to Audubon, “11 years old and willing to help” offering her own bird paintings to raise contributions for Gulf recovery efforts. The idea took flight, and Olivia proceeded to send out over 500 paintings, many of which are captured in this lavish picture book that recaps her valiant campaign to save birds affected by the spill.

Written in her own words, this unique introduction to backyard and endangered birds features Olivia's hand-drawn illustrations, bird facts, and full-color photos celebrating Olivia's campaign. Olivia's Birds
supports Audubon's conservation mission, including Gulf Coast cleanup efforts and is printed on FSC eco-friendly paper.
A 2012 Parents' Choice Gold Awards winner!

Olivia Bouler is eleven years old and lives in Long Island with her parents and little brother Jackson. An avid bird lover, aspiring ornithologist, artist, and saxophone player, Olivia spends most vacations visiting her cousins and grandparents in Alabama and Louisiana. She currently spends much of her time working on various recovery efforts and attending speaking engagements across the country on behalf of bird and wildlife advocacy. To date, she has drawn over 100 different species of birds and created over 500 paintings for her Save the Gulf campaign.

“It's always a pleasure to find a book that's not just good--it's about doing good …This book features her charming illustrations, captioned with snippets of information about particular species…This makes for a terrific package that should inspire children in lots of ways: to use their talents, to help their communities, and to make a difference in the world.” --Booklist (STARRED REVIEW)
“Her love of birds and drawing gives the book touching beauty and lyricism. The child's straightforward voice is engaging, evocative, and insightful, and her bird-watching advice is spot-on...Budding naturalists, artists, and activists will be inspired ...” --School Library Journal
“…Casual, informative passages…upbeat… carefully observed and spirited; her vivacious attitude may inspire ecologically minded readers to get involved.” --Publishers Weekly