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"Puzzle Masterpieces" - new in paperback!

Words, prepare to meet your master—and sophisticated solvers, prepare for a treat. Patrick Berry’s puzzles are unparalleled; whether in the New York Times or Games Magazine, everything he touches turns to mind-stretching gold.

Free sample puzzle (2 page PDF): Twist Ties
Puzzle and Instructions


Puzzle of the Day for October 20th

You want something more fun than a crossword? How about: a crossword with no black squares? Well, actually, there are black squares, but you have to figure out where they go using the clue’s number and your own wits.

Crossword Directions

Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Solution


Puzzle of the Day for October 19th

No two snowflakes are alike, and the same holds true for the newest treat made just for devoted solvers: hexagonal sudoku that look like snowflakes! Fill in the grids using the simplest of rules and your sharp sense of logical reasoning.

Snowflake Sudoku Directions


Sudoku Solution


Puzzle of the Day for October 15th

Wht’s bttr thn crsswrds? Tht’s rght: crsswrds wth n vwls! At first, these challenging, but fiendishly fun, puzzles look like the usual crossword. But there’s a devilish twist: you write only the consonants in the boxes, not the vowels.

Vowelless Crossword Directions

Crsswrd Pzzl

Crsswrd Sltin


Puzzle of the Day for October 13th

Run for cover, because Mutant Sudoku is on the loose! Thomas Snyder and Wei-Hwa Huang are both U.S. Sudoku Champions, and they’ll have you filling in grids of all shapes and sizes, testing parts of your logical mind that have never been tested before.

Introduction to Mutant Sudoku




Puzzle of the Day for October 12th

What do Harry Potter, Winston Churchill, and Stephen King have in common? They’re each the featured topic of a crossword in this treasure-trove of trivia. Fifty themed puzzles cover everything from Elvis films to license plate slogans, and they’re a must for every trivia junkie and the perfect way to practice for sessions of Trivial Pursuit. Try the crossword below!

Trivia Crossword

Crossword Solution


Free Puzzles Courtesy of Conceptis Puzzles