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Two Million Puzzle Books Sold!


Congratulations to Paul Sloane and Des MacHale who just crossed their two millionth puzzle book sale mark! Together they have written more than 20 puzzle books for us. The first book, Lateral Thinking Puzzles, written in 1992 by Sloane himself, has sold 383,000 copies and is still in print 19 years later.

Now, it’s time to think way outside the box. We’ll start off easy. Do you know where Cleopatra’s temple was? On the side of her head, of course! Check out Sloane and MacHale’s newest book, Hall of Fame Lateral Thinking Puzzles and challenge your preconceptions.

“Sloane and MacHale are the Lennon and McCartney of lateral thinking puzzles.” – Peter Gordon

Posted September 23, 2011