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Cursive Writing Cards

By Flash Kids Editors (Editor)


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Cursive Writing Cards

by Flash Kids Editors



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Take the flash card up a notch!
This Write-On Wipe-Off card deck features reusable surfaces so kids can easily practice their work, wipe it away, and start again! Writing in cursive is an important skill . . . even in our digital age. Using the included dry-erase pen, children will master upper- and lowercase letters, as well as words and sentences. And with 40 cards in the box, there's plenty of space for kids to write, which encourages repetition and success.

Pub Date: 12/6/2016

ISBN: 9781411478909

Price: $10.95 / $12.95 CAN

Format: Cards

Pages: 80 pages, all in 2-color, 40 cards

Trim: 7.375 x 4.875 Inches

Territories: World excl UK

Category: Juvenile / Flash Kids

Age Range: 6 to 8

Publisher: Flash Kids

Series: Write-On Wipe-Off Handwriting Cards.