The Log of a Cowboy (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading)

By Andy Adams (Author), Donald Reeves (Introduction)


Format Paperback


The Log of a Cowboy (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading)

by Andy Adams, Donald Reeves



Barnes and Noble Indiebound

Told with campfire-story spirit, The Log of a Cowboy is of the best tales of the cowboy life ever written.  Drawing from his own life as a cattle driver, Andy Adams recounts the adventures of America’s frontier.  Through such memorable characters as Bill Blades and Bull Durham, we become witness to gunfights, buffalo stampedes, and cattle drives from Texas to Montana.


Andy Adams was born in Indiana to pioneer parents.  For ten years, he drove cattle in Texas before turning to gold mining in Colorado and Nevada.  He eventually settled in Colorado Springs, where he wrote such books as A Texas Matchmaker, Cattle Brands, and The Rand on the Beaver.

Pub Date: 11/24/2008

ISBN: 9781435109339

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