Everyday Sudoku

More Than 1,000 Puzzles

By Frank Longo (Author)


Format Paperback


Everyday Sudoku

More Than 1,000 Puzzles

by Frank Longo



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Are You Ready to Sudoku?
The perfect introduction to these popular conundrums, puzzlemaster Frank Longo’s Everyday Sudoku will build a novice’s skills to an intermediate level. It starts with the perfect beginner’s challenges before moving beyond the easiest puzzles to gradually more complex sudoku.
You’ll love these super engaging brain bafflers!

Frank Longo is a freelance puzzle creator living in Hoboken, NJ. He has published nearly 100 sudoku books. He is known for producing puzzles that are diabolically difficult yet fair, requiring the solver to use advanced techniques not found in typical newspaper and magazine sudoku puzzles.

Pub Date: 4/3/2018

ISBN: 9781435167735

Price: $14.95 / $19.95 CAN

Format: Paperback

Pages: 320 pages

Trim: 8 x 10 Inches

Territories: World

Category: Puzzles & Games / Sudoku

Publisher: Puzzlewright