Bead Embroidery Jewelry Projects

Design and Construction, Ideas and Inspiration

By Jamie Cloud Eakin (Author)


Format Paperback


Bead Embroidery Jewelry Projects

Design and Construction, Ideas and Inspiration

by Jamie Cloud Eakin



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“Friends don't let friends wear ordinary jewelry.” —Jamie Cloud EakinJamie Cloud Eakin is a beading superstar—and in this follow-up to her bestselling Dimensional Bead Embroidery she explains the fundamentals of beautiful design, from picking the beads to choosing a palette. Through 30 gorgeous step-by-step projects especially chosen to show principles of construction, Eakin lays out the secrets of creating fringe, multistrand, shaped, and other forms of beadwork. Her goal is to help beaders create their own jewelry built around unique focal pieces, and whether it's the sequence of the steps or the use of a particular technique, you'll find her lessons valuable as you embark on your own design journey.
“'Life is too short to wear ordinary jewelry,' Eakin pronounces in the introduction to Bead Embroidery Jewelry Projects. The book begins with basics of design and construction and encourages the individual design procss, including creative exercises. The designs are then grouped by necklace style, and the last three chapters cover earrings, pins, and bracelets. Each chapter begins with an explanation of the style of jewelry and basic techniques. Some of the projects are beautiful and elegant, like the classic 'super simplicity necklace,' pendant style, while some are fun and whimsical. Got a Vegas vacation coming up? There's a fun collar necklace just for that. There are plenty of diagrams and pictures, a techniques index, and tips scattered throughout. This book will be loved by jewelry makers looking to learn a new technique or try design.” —Booklist
“Every one of the 30 projects is meticulously designed and crafted, and many show design alternatives for changing the look to suit your tastes. From simply elegant earrings to lush cuffs, collars, and necklaces, the projects will make you want to do bead embroidery even if you never wanted to before. Clear photos and illustrations plus a liberal sprinkling of tips make this book as useful as it is beautiful.” —Bead & Button

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Jamie Cloud Eakin lives in Modesto, CA. She is the author of Dimensional Bead Embroidery, Beading with Cabochons, and Bugle Bead Bonanza (all Lark). Jamie has been a professional bead artist for two decades, and teaches and sells her work in galleries across North America. Her website is

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Dimensional Bead Embroidery