Homemade Living: Home Apothecary with Ashley English

All You Need to Know to Create Natural Health and Body Care Products

By Ashley English (Author)


Format Hardcover


Homemade Living: Home Apothecary with Ashley English

All You Need to Know to Create Natural Health and Body Care Products

by Ashley English



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Ashley English, author of the popular Homemade Living series, provides a primer to creating all-natural body-care and wellness products—complete with 40 accessible DIY recipes to try at home.
Ditch store-bought health- and body-care products with their synthetic ingredients! Instead, create your own natural versions with this accessible, carefully curated collection from Ashley English. It features simple, tried-and-true recipes that she and her family turn to again and again, including:
  • A rosemary and apple-cider vinegar hair rinse for dry scalp
  • A moisturizing hand salve of beeswax, olive oil, and coconut oil
  • A gentle and refreshing rosewater toner
  • An aloe vera-based sunburn soother
  • A stress-relieving tincture of fresh lemon balm and roses.
English also provides information on where to source high-quality materials (most of which are readily available), the benefits of her chosen ingredients, and safety tips. From skin-care classics to first-aid essentials, you’ll soon fill your cabinets with products that you’ll feel good about making and using.
“These joyously simple herbal recipes make creating a home apothecary accessible and fun. Don¹t let the easy-to-follow instructions and straightforward ingredients fool you: these potent prescriptions will nurture you, body and spirit, and quickly become your go-to favorites.” —Maia Toll, author of The Illustrated Herbiary
“If you loved concocting ‘potions' as a child and nowadays, decades later, hearing the word elixir still sets your heart aflutter, then you’re in for a treat with Ashley English’s newest book, Home Apothecary. You’ll find crystal clear instructions for preparing natural beauty care products and homemade botanical remedies in your own kitchen. Ashley’s passion for the DIY lifestyle shines throughout the book—she’s infused the pages with generous portions of grounded and practical advice on handcrafting herbal concoctions. Your bathroom cabinets and kitchen cupboards will be forever elevated with potions that will be certain to delight your inner child and satisfy your grown-up sense of pride in the practical art of herbal medicine.” —Juliet Blankespoor, director of the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine 
“Through her Homemade Living collection, Ashley English has inspired so many of us to DIY any aspect of our lives we desire. Comprehensive and approachable at the same time, these books give us all the information and encouragement we need to get started in whatever homesteading, gardening, cooking and preserving dreams we have! And now, with Home Apothecary, we have a friendly guide to both heal and nurture ourselves, and the ones we love. With Ashley’s great recipes and guidance, you’ll be surprised at just how easy—and fun—it is to create this kind of magic in your own kitchen!” —Amanda Blake Soule, author of The Creative Family Manifesto and editor of Taproot Magazine

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Ashley English has degrees in holistic nutrition and sociology. She has worked over the years with a number of nonprofit organizations committed to social and agricultural issues and writes regularly for the quarterly publication Taproot as well as a number of regional and national publications. She is the author of all four books in the Homemade Living series. Ashley and her family live in NC, where they are converting their land into a thriving homestead. Follow their adventures at smallmeasure.com.

Pub Date: 10/1/2019

ISBN: 9781454710745

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