Brain Builder Numbers

By Charles Phillips (Author)


Format Paperback


Brain Builder Numbers

by Charles Phillips



Barnes and Noble Indiebound
Like adding one + one + one, this collection will increase your numerical smarts and boost your mathematical confidence. Start solving with a series of themed challenges; when you check your answers, you'll find hints, tips, and guidance to help you as you tackle the second group of puzzles. Compare the scores and see how much you've improved!

Pub Date: 8/6/2013

ISBN: 9781454900320

Price: $7.95 / $8.95 CAN

Format: Paperback

Pages: 96 pages, all in 2-color

Trim: 5.25 x 6.25 Inches

Territories: US/Can

Category: Puzzles & Games / Brain, Lateral & Logic Puzzles

Publisher: Puzzlewright