The Gentleman's Guide to Grooming

The Quintessential Handbook for the Modern Man

By Capt. Peabody Fawcett, Ret. (Author)


Format Hardcover


The Gentleman's Guide to Grooming

The Quintessential Handbook for the Modern Man

by Capt. Peabody Fawcett, Ret.



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An indispensable head-to-toe manual for impeccable personal maintenance and presentation.
Brimming with enchanting illustrations, striking photography, witty observations, and inspiring quotations, this handbook will help you discover what it means to be a real gentleman. Filled with invaluable advice from the world’s most respected barbers, stylists, and master craftsmen of quality grooming tools and accessories, it offers time-tested style tips along with recipes for tonics and potions. Along the way, you’ll find professional guidance on everything from getting a good haircut and combining vintage and modern clothing to maintaining fingernails and choosing the right hat—so you’ll look and feel your best from your head to your perfectly polished shoes.

Captain Peabody Fawcett, Ret., an intrepid explorer, disappeared in 1905 while attempting to navigate a tributary to the Congo River. Rescue parties found no trace of his expedition. Then, in 1997, a battered old trunk turned up at an estate sale. Inside it, a dressing case contained exquisite ointments, salves, unguents, and the missing adventurer’s long-lost journals. Among the tales of hardship, derring-do, and wonders seen were meticulous lists of exotic ingredients for use in the captain’s grooming regimen. Faithfully following these recipes, Fawcett’s concoctions—along with his world-renowned moustache wax—are now available to the discerning gentleman. Find them at

Pub Date: 11/7/2017

ISBN: 9781454922407

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Format: Hardcover

Pages: 176 pages, all in color

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