The Complete Guide to Natural Remedies

By Albert-Claude Quemoun (Author), Sophie Pensa (Author)


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The Complete Guide to Natural Remedies

by Albert-Claude Quemoun, Sophie Pensa



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A comprehensive reference on the increasingly popular subject of homeopathy, written by two world-renowned experts and filled with natural cures for what ails you.
Want to ease sickness and pain without drugs or invasive procedures? Homeopathy, which uses flowers and herbs to create natural remedies, could be the answer. People are turning to this form of alternative medicine to alleviate conditions ranging from insomnia to arthritis to poor digestion. This reference, the first in English from two important authorities on the subject, offers a wide variety of treatments that are easy and holistic, as well as practical tips for everyday healing.

Albert-Claude Quemoun is President of the Homepathic Science Institute and former head of the medical faculty at The University of Paris Nord. An authority on the subject in his native France, he has written 12 books on the subject of homeopathy. This is his first in English. He lives in Paris, France.

Pub Date: 4/16/2019

ISBN: 9781454926375

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