The Book Dragon

By Kell Andrews (Author), Éva Chatelain (Illustrator)


Format Hardcover Picture Book


The Book Dragon

by Kell Andrews, Éva Chatelain



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Beware the Book Dragon! She’ll steal your books in the middle of the night to add to her stash. Will brave young Rosehilda dare to confront her and help her village love reading once again?
The town of Lesser Scrump has a rule: no books allowed! Instead, words must be written in dirt or scratched onto bark. And it’s all because of a fearsome dragon, who comes in the night to take every book and add it to her huge pile. Only Rosehilda says, “I’m not afraid!” and vows to challenge the creature who terrorizes her village. Will she be able to convince the dragon that books are for reading, not hoarding? This fun fairy tale stars a delightful, strong heroine—and delivers a loving message about not judging a book by its cover!
“Books are banned and kids are bored in this charming fairy tale about the origin of libraries. In the medieval-looking village of Lesser Scrump, the schoolmaster does his best to teach reading by scrawling letters on tree bark, slate, or leaves as the children look dejectedly on. One girl, Rosehilda, has a brilliant idea: Why not use paper and ink on pieces of paper and put them together as stories? She learns this idea is outrageous because the village has long been terrorized by the Book Dragon, who swoops down on any stray book and carries it back to her lair. Undeterred, and in true fairy-tale style, Rosehilda obtains a forbidden, dangerous item (a book); is visited by a fearsome creature (the dragon); and then confronts the dragon in her lair. The watercolor-and-colored-pencil illustrations are soft and lush; the comic ending, with the reformed dragon deciding to convert her book hoard into a lending library, is perfect; and Rosehilda makes a strong heroine.” —

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Kell Andrews has been a book seller, library assistant, editor, and writer. Her books include Mira Forecasts the Future (Sterling) and Deadwood (Spencer Hill Press). She lives with her husband and daughters near Philadelphia.

Éva Chatelain studied illustration in Paris and is the illustrator of The Friendship Garden series of chapter books. She lives in Beaumont-Le-Roger, France.

Pub Date: 10/2/2018

ISBN: 9781454926856

Price: $16.95 / $22.95 CAN

Format: Hardcover Picture Book

Pages: 40 pages, all in color

Trim: 10 x 10 Inches

Territories: World

Category: Juvenile / Picture Books

Age Range: 3 to 7

Publisher: Sterling Children's Books

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