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Apple Cider Vinegar Handbook

Recipes for Natural Living

By Amy Leigh Mercree (Author), Kac Young (Foreword)


Format Paperback


Apple Cider Vinegar Handbook

Recipes for Natural Living

by Amy Leigh Mercree, Kac Young



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Natural, popular, and inexpensive, apple cider vinegar is the latest health trend. Learn more about its powers with this attractive and easy-to-use illustrated guide—complete with recipes!
We all know that apple cider vinegar is a useful addition to the pantry and a tasty ingredient in cooking. But it can do more than just add flavor. With the potential to cure an upset stomach, treat a sore throat, aid weight loss, and more, apple cider vinegar is one of today’s handiest all-natural remedies. The Apple Cider Vinegar Handbook shows you why this inexpensive liquid is a must-have in your home and how to use it to achieve optimum health.

Amy Leigh Mercree is the bestselling author of six books including: The Spiritual Girl's Guide to Dating: Your Enlightened Path to Love Sex and Soul Mates (Adams Media), The Compassion Revolution: 30 Days of Living from the Heart (Llewellyn), and ALittle Bit of Mediation: An Introduction to Mindfulness (Sterling); she also coauthored A Little Bit of Chakras: An Introduction to Energy Healing (Sterling).

Pub Date: 5/1/2018

ISBN: 9781454928973

Price: $14.95 / $19.95 CAN

Format: Paperback

Pages: 240 pages, all in color

Trim: 6 x 9 Inches

Territories: World

Category: Health / Healthy Living

Publisher: Sterling

Series: Recipes for Natural Living