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Sam Wu Is Not Afraid of Sharks

By Katie Tsang (Author), Kevin Tsang (Author), Nathan Reed (Ilustrator)


Format Hardcover


Sam Wu Is Not Afraid of Sharks

by Katie Tsang, Kevin Tsang, Nathan Reed



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After the ghosts . . . come the sharks!
Sam Wu is not afraid of sharks. Except . . . he is. Can Sam conquer his fear before he misses out on his friends’ beach party fun?
On a class trip to the aquarium, certified ghost hunter Sam Wu encounters something even scarier than ghosts: Crazy Charlie, a giant shark, who TOTALLY tries to eat him. Sam has no intentions of taking any more chances with these people-eating creatures. But then his classmates Regina and Ralph announce they’re having a birthday bash . . . on the BEACH! Can Sam overcome his terror of becoming shark bait? This second book in the Sam Wu series is a funny, touching, and charming story of finding your courage when the moment comes—because bravery is something you have to prove again and again.
“Sam and his best friends Bernard and Zoe vow to face down even the fiercest of sharks on their school field trip to the aquarium so bullies like Ralph will not have any excuse to tease them. But how could Sam have known that an extremely scary shark named ‘Crazy Charlie’ would try to attack him through the glass tank? Once again, Sam and his friends must prove themselves or lose face. The latest challenge is to attend Ralph and Regina’s birthday party at the beach despite obstacles like Sam’s newly intensified fear of sharks, and the fact that Bernard cannot swim. Of course, in the end, Sam proves that he can be a hero by facing his fears. Following the enjoyable Sam Wu Is Not Afraid of Ghosts, the funny plots and schemes also offer a realistic depiction of growing up as a Chinese American kid. VERDICT An engaging and authentic underdog tale that fans of Mark Parisi’s “Marty Pants” and Lenore Look’s “Alvin Ho” series will enjoy.” —School Library Journal

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Katie and Kevin Tsang are Americans who met while studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Some of Sam Wu's experiences are based on Kevin's childhood. He works as a healthcare technology consultant. Katie writes YA as Katherine Webber. They currently live in London and the books in the Sam Wu series are their first together.

Pub Date: 3/19/2019

ISBN: 9781454932567

Price: $12.95 / $17.50 CAN

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 240 pages, b-w illus. throughout

Trim: 5 x 7.4 Inches

Territories: US/Can

Category: Juvenile / Middle Grade Fiction

Age Range: 7 to 12

Publisher: Sterling Children's Books

Series: Sam Wu Is Not Afraid