The Dolly Llama

Words of Wisdom from a Spiritual Animal

By Stephen Morrison (Author)


Format Hardcover


The Dolly Llama

Words of Wisdom from a Spiritual Animal

by Stephen Morrison



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Meet the Dolly Llama, the world’s first behooved spiritual leader, as he shares his words of wisdom and teachings for the first time.
Llama Karma lies within you! In this gem of a book, his holiness the Dolly Llama offers spiritual guidance and shows you how to bring peace, compassion, and “cuditation” (a blend of chewing and meditation) into your everyday life. Drawing inspiration from “the four bales of wisdom,” which have helped many grazer-browsers before him on the rocky path of life, he helps you harness inner calm—and cope with everyday problems like hoof infection. This guide is perfect for anyone who loves llamas, animals, and spiritualism . . . and has a good sense of humor!

His gentleness the Dolly Llama is a spiritual leader of most even-toed ungulates in the Andes, Peru, and some parts of Bolivia. He has devoted all 14 years of his life working tirelessly to help teach the findings of “Llama Karma” to alpacas, camels, and of course llamas. Today he lives in exile, on a petting farm in Dulwich, London.

Pub Date: 3/12/2019

ISBN: 9781454934769

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Format: Hardcover

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