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The Art & Power of Acceptance

Your Guide to Inner Peace

By Ashley Davis Bush (Author)


Format Paperback


The Art & Power of Acceptance

Your Guide to Inner Peace

by Ashley Davis Bush



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Acceptance is the path to inner peace—and this expert guide teaches you how to neutralize the negativity, expand your inner world, and open a space for possibility.
Imagine not being stuck in anger, resentment, grief, or regret—the freedom of stopping the battle with yourself, others, or even your past. Imagine effortlessly flowing with the current of life rather than fighting it. This dream is possible. Exploring the journey from resistance to alignment to possibility, Ashley Davis Bush debunks the idea that accepting yourself, your circumstances, and others is merely passive apathy or resignation. She introduces you to the simple but radical practice of self-compassion as the key to disarming resistance, expanding positive emotions, and moving easily with “what is.” She invites you to see how acceptance paradoxically leads to powerful, lasting change. Using personal and clinical stories, practical suggestions and visualizations, and evidence-based research, Ashley illuminates a new way of being with life. Choose acceptance today and discover firsthand how it leads to emotional freedom.

Ashley Davis Bush, LICSW, is a psychotherapist with 30 years of experience in the mental health field. She is a freelance writer and author of eight self-help books as well as a grief counselor and an expert in stress management, self-care, and self-compassion skills. She lives in NH.

Pub Date: 9/3/2019

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