Cannabis for Health

The Essential Guide to Using Cannabis for Total Wellness

By Mary Clifton (Author), Barbara Brownell Grogan (Author)


Format Paperback


Cannabis for Health

The Essential Guide to Using Cannabis for Total Wellness

by Mary Clifton, Barbara Brownell Grogan



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An engaging, authoritative, and accessible guide to using cannabis for wellness. Including a quick-reference chart to key cannabis strains and their health benefits, this book is one you’ll want to keep close at hand.
Considered “magic” in ancient medicinal circles, cannabis has a true, documented history of healing. Not only does it contain the restorative plant nutrient cannabidiol, or CBD, which is gaining stature as an antidote for various conditions from pain and nausea to arthritis and post-traumatic stress, cannabis also carries some 100 other cannabinoid nutrients that heal, including the once-banished psychoactive but powerfully medicinal THC. Barbara Brownell Grogan and Dr. Mary Clifton, two experts on cannabis, give newcomers the crucial knowledge they need to begin their healing regimen safely. Because different strains work for different people in different ways, the cannabis plant is far from “one size fits all.” Cannabis for Health discusses the various types and potencies, and what healing benefits each offers. It focuses on some high-profile strains—including power-healers—how they address 30 key conditions, and how they have served others. As this is neither a cookbook nor a dosing book, it relies on testimonials by users and physicians to guide people in their choices.

Dr. Mary Clifton is a board-certified, licensed, internal medicine doctor practicing in Manhattan. She is a recognized expert in CBD and cannabis and the founder of A published researcher and bestselling author, and a leading voice in telemedicine, her passion is to help patients and practitioners create a fast reset for their health and lives.

Pub Date: 6/22/2021

ISBN: 9781454942610

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