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Divination Dictionary

A Beginner's Guide to Fortune-Telling

By Lillian Verner-Bonds (Author), Coni Curi (Illustrator)


Format Hardcover


Divination Dictionary

A Beginner's Guide to Fortune-Telling

by Lillian Verner-Bonds, Coni Curi



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Learn the art of divination and take your destiny into your own hands with this beginner’s guide to fortune telling.
Internationally known author and clairvoyant Lilian Verner-Bonds helps budding witches and new practitioners of magic tap into their intuition—and empower themselves. She explains the rich heritage associated with the art of divination and shows you how to interpret your own, and your friends’, futures. A guide to over 40 divination methods ranges from the familiar—astrology, palmistry, tarot—to the more unusual, including cephalomancy (skull reading) and tea-leaf reading. Begin by understanding the truths our own bodies tell us through such methods as psychic drawing and oneirology (the study of dreams), and then move on to telling fortunes from nature (including omens and augury), reading objects (pendulum divination and scrying), and revelations of the random (runes, the I Ching, casting dice).

Based in north London, Lilian Verner-Bonds is an internationally recognized clairvoyant, palmist, and healer, as well as an author, lecturer, and teacher.
Coni Curi is an Argentinian artist and illustrator based in Buenos Aires. She gets her inspiration from folklore, astronomy, mythology, and the occult. You can find more of her work at

Pub Date: 10/20/2020

ISBN: 9781454942870

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Format: Hardcover

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