2 Minutes to Confidence

Everyday Self-Care to Inspire and Encourage

By Corinne Sweet (Author), Corinne Sweet (Author)


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2 Minutes to Confidence

Everyday Self-Care to Inspire and Encourage

by Corinne Sweet, Corinne Sweet



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All it takes to boost your self-confidence and reach your full potential is 2 minutes a day with these easy exercises.

When you’re having a hard day, facing an endless to-do list, or juggling lots of responsibilities, it can hard to remember to be kind to yourself. Psychotherapist Corinne Sweet shows you how to overcome the doubts, fears, and worries that hold you back. Her simple and encouraging exercises teach you strategies to fight self-doubt, practice self-compassion, and ignore your inner critic. This guide is packed with approachable activities and suggestions for fitting these two-minute exercises into your day, whether you're completing them on the go or during a small pocket of free time.

Corinne Sweet is an author, psychotherapist, psychologist, and broadcaster. She has published 18 books, including popular psychology bestsellers Change Your Life with CBT, The Anxiety Journal, and The Mindfulness Journal. Corinne trained on BBC Radio 4's "Woman's Hour," was a magazine and newspaper "Agony Aunt" and "Big Brother" psychologist. She appears regularly on TV and radio, collaborating frequently with BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio Scotland. Corinne writes regularly at corinnesweet.com/blog. She lives in London.

Pub Date: 10/14/2020

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