The Italian Front

Invasion of Sicily, Salerno, Monte Cassino, Anzio, Rome, Gothic Line

By Michael E. Haskew (Author)


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The Italian Front

Invasion of Sicily, Salerno, Monte Cassino, Anzio, Rome, Gothic Line

by Michael E. Haskew



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One of a series of books on the land campaigns of World War II, The Italian Front is a superbly illustrated history of the original ‘second front’ in Europe, including artworks of key materiel and uniforms, and campaign maps showing the movement of troops in the theatre. The book is a comprehensive account of the struggle for the Italian mainland, from the landings in Sicily in July 1943 to the seizing of the Brenner Pass in 1945. Campaigns covered include the landings themselves, the battles for Monte Cassino, the landings at Anzio, the liberation of Rome and the various defensive line battles that characterized the final year of fighting. There are also text boxes on all the great commanders who directed the campaign, such as Patton, Montgomery, Kesselring and Alexander. With detailed appendices that contain information on orders of battle, losses and equipment, The Italian Front builds into a comprehensive account of the 1943-45 campaign in the Italian peninsula.

Michael E. Haskew is the editor of WWII History Magazine and The World War II Desk Reference with the Eisenhower Center for American Studies. He is the author of "The Sniper At War," "The Encyclopedia of Elite Forces in World War II," "Order of Battle: Western Allied Forces of WWII," and "The Italian Campaign in World War II."

Pub Date: 3/1/2018

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