Explosive Sex!

Step-by-Step Techniques for the Hottest Sex Ever

By Richard Emerson (Author)


Format Paperback


Explosive Sex!

Step-by-Step Techniques for the Hottest Sex Ever

by Richard Emerson



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Explosive Sex! is your passport to a more exciting sex life. The adventure begins in the mind, as you discover more about yourself and your partner-and increase your ability to give and receive pleasure. Learn how to ask for what you want, shed your inhibitions, and discover your sexual personality type. Then it's on to the body, beginning with foreplay and followed by a breathtaking variety of positions leading to dizzying new heights of ecstasy. A Carte du Jour lays out a glossary of terms and techniques to heat up your daily lovemaking.

Richard Emerson is a member of the U.K. Medical Journalists' Association who has contributed to a wide range of health reference books and journals, including The Reader's Digest Guide to Love & Sex; The Lover's Guide; The New Kama Sutra, and Carlton's bestselling The Best Sex You'll Ever Have!

Pub Date: 11/1/2011

ISBN: 9781847328649

Price: $16.95

Format: Paperback

Pages: 128 pages, all in color

Trim: 7.75 x 10.25 Inches

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Category: Body/Mind/Spirit / Sex & Relationships

Publisher: Carlton Books