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Raw Drawing

Spontaneous and Carefree Drawing

By Alessandro Bonaccorsi (Author)


Format Paperback


Raw Drawing

Spontaneous and Carefree Drawing

by Alessandro Bonaccorsi



Barnes and Noble Indiebound
Set aside the rules and rediscover the simple pleasures of drawing with this guide to creating spontaneous and carefree art.
Raw Drawing is not an art class, with rules and regulations that beginners must follow to succeed. Instead, it’s a unique, practical, and nonjudgmental resource that frees your imagination and helps you develop a new visual language using the simplest signs, lines, and shapes. Since he launched the initiative in 2017, Italian artist Alessandro Bonaccorsi has given 42 courses throughout Italy; this book brings together all of his core teachings, making the power and creativity of raw drawing accessible to everyone. For every adult, it’s the key to becoming a child again and appreciating the basic joys of creating art.

Designer and author Alessandro Bonaccorsi has worked for clients such as Save The Children, Renault Italy, Max Meyer, and Ponte alle Grazie. His illustrations have been published in Il Sole 24Ore, La Stampa, Internazionale, and European Diary. He was selected among the "200 best illustrators worldwide 14-15" by Lürzer's Archive and for the American Illustrator Annual and the Italian Illustrators. In March 2017, he designed the course “Drawing Ugly,” which has become hugely popular in Italy. His blog,, talks about creativity, inspiration, visual culture, illustration, and graphics. He is the author of Illustrazione. L’immaginario er professione: 1 for Alkemia Books.

Pub Date: 6/18/2019

ISBN: 9781849945509

Price: $14.95 / $19.95 CAN

Format: Paperback

Pages: 200 pages, 150 b-w illus.

Trim: 6.313 x 8.25 Inches

Territories: US/Can/Mexico/South & Central America

Category: Art / Drawing & Sketching

Publisher: Batsford