A Bird a Day

By Dominic Couzens (Author)


Format Hardcover


A Bird a Day

by Dominic Couzens



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From the promiscuous Fairywren of Australia, who gives petals to his mistresses, to the singing instructions of the female Northern Cardinal in North America, this is a delightful dip-in-and-out book for any nature lover.

The beauty and fascination of birds is unrivaled. Every day of the year, immerse yourself in their world with an entry from A Bird a Day, where Dominic Couzens offers an insight into everything from the humble Robin to Emperor Penguins, who are in the midst of Arctic storms protecting their young. Or discover the fate of the Passenger Pigeon, which became extinct through overhunting. If you ever visit the Himalayan uplands, go in late November when you can see a flock of the cobalt-blue Grandala birds, which is one of the wonders of the natural world. The author is a world expert on birds—specifically bird behavior—and he reveals endless fascinating stories of birds from all over the globe to give a rich tapestry of avian life with stunning photography and illustration, and arresting art. All of bird life is covered, from nesting, migration, and courting to birdsong and curious bird behavior.

Dominic Couzens is a British birder, author, and journalist specializing in avian and natural-history subjects. He contributes regularly to Bird Watching and BBC Wildlife magazines and is also a professional field-trip guide. His books The Secret Lives of Garden BirdsThe Secret Lives of British Birds, and The Secret Lives of Garden Wildlife all received praise, with the former selected by The Guardian as one of the best wildlife books of 2004.

Pub Date: 3/2/2021

ISBN: 9781849945868

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Category: Science & Nature / Natural History

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